Rising Shanghai Car Rental Co., Ltd has tenet for customer paramount and faithfulness service. It provides various special services to all customers:

At present, countless foreigners come to China for tour visit and business contact everyday. Interpretation, as a bridge in communication, becomes very important. It's more difficult for foreign tourists to find a qualified interpretator. In order to provide better service for foreign customers, Rising Shanghai Car Rental Co., Ltd employ several staff good at English. These employees have professional driving ability as well as good interpretation. Customers are able to find first class vehicles, first class drivers and excellent interpretators in Rising Shanghai. Isn't joyous for killing two birds with one stone?

Tour guide
As an international metropolis, Shanghai receives tens of thousands tourists from domestic and overseas. Most of the tourists visit Shanghai for the first time and know nothing about the natural beauty, transportation, accommodation and dining. However, above mentioned will become pediatric issues as long as you find Rising Shanghai Car Rental Co., Ltd. Rising Shanghai begins to offer various receptions nowadays including car rental, accommodation and dining reservations. Everything will be settled by Rising before your arrival. Finding Rising is the feeling of finding your home. Rising is your far away relative.

Business Assistant
It's impossible for businessmen to take account of every detail before their arrivals in Shanghai. There will be some major or minor carelessness. Based on the features of business talk, our company provides various assistant service including paper draft, interpretation, convention contact, copying and printing, computer rental. All makes your business negotiations successfully.